Kuching Food Adventures Part 2

Day Two in Kuching. I keep naming the blog heading "Part 1 and Part 2" instead of "Day 1 and Day 2" because I just didn't want to commit to blogging every day. Nevertheless, so far I am doing well. I wasn't planning on blogging at all, but I am just so proud of Kuching food. So proud of its authenticity and so happy to be able to enjoy it again. I did not want to forget this moment :)

SO, basically here I am again because once again I have spent most of my day eating, lol. Food is an activity here in Kuching. The activity of sharing food more than anything really. The art of sharing in Asian cultures is particularly strong compared to other cultures. A lot of people enjoy food, and yes they sit on the same table, but a lot of food is plated. PLATED. Where is the fun in that? The Chinese in particular love the act of sharing food, probably more than actually eating the food itself. This is what I am beginning to realise and truly enjoy.

Anyway, back to my adventures. Aahhh.. I'll just let the photos do the talking, hehe.

 Brunch - Mixed BBQ served with rice

ABC Special at lunch

Ais Kacang and some hot dessert in the background at lunch.

A variety of Malay food for lunch.

Mom's Claypot Dish

Homecooked dinner - Assam Fish Head Curry *drool*

Belachan Kang Kung *double drool*

Sambal Nasi Lemak... and all the veggies in d background, lol.

Late night supper after a night out - Ikan Bakar!


  1. Can I like fly over to Kuching right now? lol

  2. I'd kill for ikan bakar...*sigh*